Monster Bite Games is an indie game development company founded in South St. Paul, MN. The primary focus of the company is to work in small dedicated groups to develop quality games that are fun and memorable.

The Monster Bite Games team primarily consists of Chad Metzger and Tim Fox-Meyer working in whatever space they can find.

Chad Metzger is the founder of the company, lead designer, artist, audio designer and whatever else he needs to be. Chad has a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development and worked as a Teachers Assistant primarily for the drawing classes at Brown College, MN.

Tim Fox-Meyer is an ex-high school math teacher who has been pushing his programming skills since he joined the team to help develop Monster Wisp and future projects.

Gabe Heller is a programmer who worked on past projects, he spent effort and time to make sure Monsters Swimming, Monsters in Neon Space and Monsters Shoot'n Monstsers became more than design documents and digital art.

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